Friday, January 11, 2008

Lower Ab Workout Routine

Developing a strong lower ab workout routine is very beneficial to your overall workout routine. Lower ab workouts, along with general ab workouts and back exercises, form the foundation of your workout to strengthen your core. In this article we will discuss what this lower ab workout routine should be comprised of.

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Crunches and situps will not effectively isolate your lower ab muscles. The problem with crunches and situps is that your lower abdominal muscles will tire before being sufficiently worked out and your other ad muscles will have to compensate for this. Additionally, it is difficult to find at a gym lower ab exercise machines. Most ab exercise machines aren't appropriate for a lower ab workout routing.

So what exercise are good for your lower ab workouts. The first exercise that I like to do are leg raises. These are very simple and most people have done these before. They are excellent lower ab exercises.

To do leg raises, I suggest lying flat on your back on top of a mat. Your legs should be straight out in front of you. Then, raise your legs up without bending your knees. When you lift your legs up concentrate on only using your abdominal muscles and hip flexors to do the lifting. This insures that you are isolating the proper abs muscles. Again, these leg raises form the core of your lower ab workout routine.

Here is a video showing these lower ab leg raises.

The next exercise for your lower ab workout routine is the hanging leg raises. With hanging leg raises you want to grab a bar above your head or use some piece of gym equipment that will allow you to raise your legs from a hanging position. Once you are hanging you need to raise your legs. Raise them as high as you can and go slow ans steady. These are difficult but excellent for your lower ab workout routine.

Here is a video showing lower ab hanging leg raises.

I hope that these lower ab exercises help you form the beginning of your lower ab workout routine.


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