Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lower Ab Workout For Ripped Abs

The lower ab workout is important if you want ripped abs. The abdominal muscles are split into two distinct regions, the upper abdominal muscles and the lower abdominal muscles. You need to focus on your lower ab workout if you want ripped abs.

The problem with working out your lower abs is that if you don't do a dedicated intense lower ab workout, you will tire your upper abs before your have finished your lower ab workout. Therefore you need to focus on lower ab exercises.

Another problem with defining your lower ab muscles is that people have too much fat around their midsection. If you have a layer of fat covering your six pack of abs, you will never have well defined abs. Check out thisBEST DIET PLAN FOR RIPPED ABS. Visit that link now to find the perfect diet for getting ripped abs.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, leg raises and reverse curls are two of the best lower ab exercises. In addition to these two exercises, i want to introduce you to the trunk curl. The trunk curl is another good exercise to incorporate into your lower ab workout. Here is a video of a trunk curl:

Obviously you need to be careful when doing trunk curls. Be sure to use proper form so that you do not hurt your back. I hope that you build these into your lower ab workout.

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