Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best Abs Workout

If you are looking for the best abs workout, you are in the right place. An overall abs workout must focus on you upper abs and lower abs. By focusing on lower abs workouts and upper abs workouts you can achieve those six pack abs that you have always dreamed about.

While this blog focuses on lower ab workouts, you must not forget about your diet regimen. You will never get well defined abs without losing the fat around yuor midsection. Check out thisBEST DIET PLAN FOR DEFINED SIX PACK OF ABS. Visit that link now to find the perfect diet for achieving a defined six pack of abs.

Let's start by looking at you lower ab exercises. A strong lower ab workout is key to your best abs workout. There are two exercises that I really like for lower ab exercises. These are reverse crunches and leg raises.

You have to start out with your lower ab exercises otherwise you will not be able to sufficiently isolate your lower abdominal muscles. Lower ab exercises workout both you upper ab muscles and your lower abs. If you start with general ab exercises, your upper abs will tire out before you have worked out your lower abs.

After you have finished your lower ab exercises, you can start doing you more general ab exercises. I usually like to start with crunches. Crunches are some of the best abs workout exercises. Just make sure that you do not pull your neck. this is not proper form for doing crunches.

The fourth exercises for the best abs workout are good old sit ups. Sit ups are very similar to crunches but they do workout more of the abdominal muscles. The fifth exercise are oblique crunches. With oblique crunches you want to roll slightly onto your side and pull straight up. This will work out the sides of your ab muscles.

If you do these abs exercises, you should be on your way to the best abs workout of your life.