Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Ab Workout

Today we are going to combine what we have learned about lower ab workouts and combine them to form general best ab workout. When developing a best ab workout, it is important to start with your lower ab workout and then move on to your upper ab workout. This article will combine the two to build the best ab workout.

Remember that you also have to focus on your diet. You will never be able to show off your strong lower abs if you have a layer of fat covering your lower abs. Check out thisBEST DIET PLAN FOR DEFINED LOWER ABS. Visit that link now to find the perfect diet for defining your lower abs.

The best ab workout starts with the lower ab workout. When starting your lower ab exercises, I want you to start with leg raises. When you do your leg raises, concentrate on working out your lower abdominal muscles. Try not to use your hips or upper abdominal muscles to do all of the work. If you concentrate on isolating your lower abs, you will get an intense lower abs workout.

After you have finished your leg raises, the next lower ab exercises that you need to do are reverse curls. Again focus on using your lower abdominal muscles to do these lower ab workouts. This will help you to get that great burn in your lower abs.

After you have done your lower ab workout, in order to develop the best ab workout generally, it is time to do your crunches. Crunches form the base of my overall ab workout. These of the best abs exercises that you can do. Just be careful when doing these. You need to use your abdominal muscles and not pull your neck.

Crunches are really important to your best ab workout.


Eugene said...

I just did this for the first time and got lower back pain?

natepreston said...

I just found your blog, loved it!!

Kim said...

hi Freddie...
just what I need !!!
good advice and clear insructions :)