Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lower Ab Exercises

Lower ab exercises need to be a part of your workout routine. Lower ab muscles form the foundation of your core and are critical to you body's overall strength and stability. A strong lower ab workout is vital to your exercise plans.

The lower abdominal muscles are very difficult to workout properly. Most people have relatively weak abdominal muscles and especially lower abdominal muscles. The problem that people have with lower ab workouts is that their lower ab muscles tire before the rest of their abdominal muscles.

Once these lower ab muscles tire, then your body compensates for this by using other muscles instead of isolating the lower ab workout. How do you know if your lower ab muscles are too tired to continue? You should stop you lower ab workout as soon as you no longer feel them. This is your sign to stop. Your lower ab exercises will not be effective anyways so you might as well rest those muscles.

It is important that you realize this point about your lower ab muscles becoming fatigued earlier than the rest of your muscles. You need to concentrate while doing your lower ab exercises. As soon as you know longer feel these muscles being the ones that are working, you need to stop your lower ab workout. You can restart these lower ab exercises once you have given your body its needed rest. But, again you must focus to make sure the lower abdominal muscles are being targeted.

Additionally, you can't forget about your diet. You will never get a six pack of abs if you don't take off fat around your midsection. This is the reason why most people do not have defined abs. However, check out this diet plan to find the perfect diet for well defined abs.


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